Hands of the Old Straw Weaver,
St. Croix, Virgin Islands. 1970.

Photography by Fritz Henle

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"It Won’t Come Off!"
Artist: Duneska Suannette
Medium: photography

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all the time.

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unapologeticseason we need to take a pic like this…soon

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The other day at the Urbanworld Film Festival with Haitian American filmmaker Stefani Saintonge and lead actress Mia Guzman in the short “Seventh Grade” CONGRATS LADIES! #shortfilms #urbanwoldfilmfestival #blackcinema #stefanisaintonge #miaguzman #seventhgrade #nyc (at UrbanWorld Film Festival AMC Theater)

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the answer is: What is hope

"For we were saved in this ____, but ____ that is seen is not ____; for why does one still ____ for what he sees? But if we ____ for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance." ^Romans 8:24-25^